Encounter Briefs: Orcs

by Wolf & Raven Games

Wolf & Raven Games



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Encounter Briefs: Orcs

Wandering or random encounters are often given short-shrift thrown together haphazardly with very little to no preparation, other than finding an entry in a list of monsters, rolling dice to see how many show up and then playing out a boring, non-immersive exchange.

Encounter Briefs are designed to give GMs tools to improve the quality of their spontaneous encounters, or provide small set-pieces for their players.

Each Brief focuses on a specific type of creature. An extensive series of stat blocks of a variety of challenge levels for the theme creatures are included, allowing the GM to present challenging, well-rounded encounters with a minimum of preparation.

Each Encounter Brief also includes high-resolution maps suitable for printing or use in a Virtual Tabletop program.