Encounters & Events - SciFi Volume 1 - Space Derelicts

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Brand: Ennead Games

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Encounters & Events - SciFi Volume 1 - Space Derelicts

Throughout your adventures, quests and missions, you will run into various individuals and experience odd sometimes random-seeming events and encounters. They might puzzle you, endanger your group or simply be a mystery you can never solve.

Features 100 entries, most of them with further sub-options to give you more variety and possibilities.

This volume of Encounters & Events is themed around what might be encounter onboard a derelict Starship found drifting through the void.

Sample entry...

#10 - Biogenic Field

A biogenic field is an energy field composed of biological energy. Contact with this field…

D20 Biogenic Field

1-5 Causes extreme pain

6 Heals wounds

7 Induces mutations

8-16 Is deadly to organics

17 Only allows organic life through

18-19 Prevents organic life passing through

20 Stuns organic-based beings