Ennervain Adventure 4: Saviours

by Ennervain




Tags: Adventure (Mid-Level) Classes Eldritch Political Grimdark Fantasy Feats Horror Magic Magic Items Maps/Battlemaps Monsters/Enemies Pathfinder 1e

Ennervain Adventure 4: Saviours

The epic saga of Ennervain continues in Adventure 4: Saviours.

The heroes must race against time in order to save a nation for obliteration. Pursued by deadly assassins and surrounded by enemies, will the heroes make it past the border and back to the site of the ritual in time? Terrifying eldritch horrors, dark dungeons and Imperialist subjugators will challenge even the most experienced players as the attempt to become the Saviours of a realm.

Ennervain Adventure 4: Saviours is a Pathfinder 1e adventure path designed for four 9th level characters, and should bring them to level 10.

Saviours introduces two new prestige classes, the Brorz Fragmenter and the Coward, as well as dozens of new magic items, monsters, NPCs, spells, rhetorical battles, and full colour art.