Finwicket's Bestiary: Along the Faerie Path

by Clockwork Gnome Publishing

Clockwork Gnome Publishing



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Finwicket's Bestiary: Along the Faerie Path

Tread the Mystic Trails of Faerie

Join gnomish explorer and esteemed expert in biology, Thaddeus Finwicket, as he reveals hitherto unknown creatures from the Realms of Faerie. After six month-long expedition into the storied woodlands and haunted knolls, the good professor has returned with tales that would impress the most cynical and hardened adventurers.

Get complete details on four fey beings never before seen by mortal eyes:

Faerie Seer- Mysterious and enigmatic, Faerie Seers are consummate diviners. They never give up their secrets without a price.

Harvest Haunt- Scourge of farmers everywhere, these wily fey utilize the abundance of the harvest to perpetuate their numbers.

Thin Man- As assassins of the fey courts, Thin Men are rarely spotted before it is too late. Rumors suggest they are heralds of something horrifying, a menace that lies far beyond the ken of sanity.

Spindler-A fey tailor with a taste for style and an unremitting urge to force his products on others.

Finwicket's Bestiary: Along the Fairy Path also features an extensive overview of the Faerie Realm and information on how characters may travel to those storied lands. ncludes two versions of the book; a color copy suitable for screen viewing and a bare bones, art-free copy and contains files for use with Lone Wolf Development's fantastic Hero Lab software.​