Fold-N-Go: Dungeon Kit #1

by Rite Publishing

Rite Publishing



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Fold-N-Go: Dungeon Kit #1

Spend your time playing not assembling!

Lone Tree Games brings you legendary artist Jonathan Roberts (Sunken Empires, Fantastic Maps) together with talented newcomer Brian Bartlow to bring you the best-looking and best-designed, papercraft dungeon around!

Assemble your papercraft models in no time. Spend your time playing instead of constructing! Lone Tree Games has done its best to make these models glueless to help make the assembly process simpler and faster. A few thin items do require the builder to glue pieces back-to-back in order to get texture on both sides. However, the vast majority of the parts are glue-optional.

Well-written instructions and large, clear assembly photos are key parts in Lone Tree Games' products. The product goes a step further and provides videos showing assembly. Keep an eye out on this page as we add more assembly videos.


Included in this kit:

Dungeon Components

  • 1"³, 2"³, 4"³, 6"³ long, stone-lined, dungeon walls
  • Single and double doors/doorways
  • Hidden doors
  • Stone pillars
  • 2"³ wide stone staircase
  • 6"³x8"³ flagstone flooring
  • Small pit
  • Small pit w/ spikes
  • Large pit
  • Large & small rubble piles
  • Small round pool
  • Large round pool
  • Large square pool
  • Treasure pile

Dungeon Props

  • Crates, in three sizes
  • Barrels
  • Chests
  • Curtains
  • Beds
  • Tables, (round, square, and rectangle styles)
  • Chairs

Additional Images

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