Four Horsemen Present: Comedic Character Options

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Brand: Rogue Genius Games

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Four Horsemen Present: Comedic Character Options

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Adventure…

In conjunction with and Rogue Genius Games, the Four Horsemen bring you their latest release!

Sometimes, a game isn’t designed to be the most serious and dramatic of activities. Sometimes, we all just want a laugh. And when the Four Horsemen laugh, it’s usually too late!

Want some key rules to help get a giggle out of your group? How about the archetypes for the Prankster? It has a pie color-and-effect table for prankster antics.

Or feats such as “Just Swing That Anywhere” and “Please Stop Helping.” Or the spells bull’s grace, rubber chicken, and vuvuzela.

Sound silly? Good!

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