Four Horsemen Present: Vule the Living Planet


Brand: Rogue Genius Games

PDF / Pathfinder

Four Horsemen Present: Vule the Living Planet

Can You Defeat a World?!

In conjunction with and Rogue Genius Games the Four Horsemen present Vule the Living Planet!

A new orb rests in your homeworld's star system. Vule, the Living Planet, has arrived! Foresaged by plasma eels, driven by an inhuman intelligence, Vule has its sight set on conquering the universe… and it's starting near you! Vule the Living Planet is part new monster, part new location, part potential campaign arc. It's a threat from the stars, unlike anything your players have faced before! In case you want some adventures that feel like they take place really long ago, in a system far, far, far away…

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