Game Masters Soundpack: Caverns

by Toxic Bag Productions, Inc.

Toxic Bag Productions, Inc.



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Game Masters Soundpack: Caverns

Game Masters Soundpack: Caverns

So your campaign has an underground location. The party will be miles beneath the surface for most of the adventure. Now you can let them hear what a terrible mistake they've made...

Caverns is a collection of three 6-minute cavern ambiences. Perfect for any genre that has a cave!

Scenes include:

  • Haunted Cavern: As you make your way through the dark and windy passage, you can hear the whispers of strange spirits all around you
  • Ice Cavern: The frozen walls crack, and the wooden walkway creaks in the wind. Will the ice sheets give way and bury the party in an indoor avalanche?
  • Underground Sea: Deep inside the cave, the party finds a vast subterranean ocean

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