Game Masters Soundpack: Eldritch Horror: Demon Fire: Lighter

by Toxic Bag Productions, Inc.

Toxic Bag Productions, Inc.



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Game Masters Soundpack: Eldritch Horror: Demon Fire: Lighter

Demon Fire: Lighter (Modern demon hunter)

You’ve got the demon right where you want him. The smug sonofabitch just walked right into the center of the circle of blood sigils you hid under the throw rug. You smile, just a little, and spark up the chrome lighter in your hand. You throw it to the floor, and the circle erupts in a magical flame.

Now old blackeyes there is trapped until you say so.

Before I gank you, you’re gonna spill, buttwipe.

This effect is the sound of a modern lighter igniting a magic flame that burns for ten minutes.

If your party needs to question the demon for longer, we’ve included our Demon Flame Loop – ten minutes that loops seamlessly for as long as you wish.

Demon Flame Loop

Now that the demon is trapped within the blood circle, the flame will continue to burn and he won’t be able to leave.

This ten-minute loop of magic demon fire will allow you to question him all you like.

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