Grimoire Viperian - A Tome of Exotic Lore

by Magic Skull Games

Magic Skull Games



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Grimoire Viperian - A Tome of Exotic Lore

Introducing an exciting new Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatible PDF book from Magic Skull Games!

Grimoire Viperian adds new flavor and excitement to any game, for both players and GMs alike!

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Grimiore Viperian has been updated to include the new rules from the Free Grimoire Viperian Web Enhancement & Errata PDF, available for download from the Magic Skull Games website! Check it out for new Pyro and Shapeshifter feats, talents, forms and magic items, plus Grimoire Viperian spell lists for non-core base classes such as inquisitor, magus, etc. AND revised rules for certain base and prestige class abilities!

The Grimoire Viperian includes:

  • 160+ pages of Pathfinder and OGL compatible content (PDF only available at this time)
  • Intriguing backstory designed to fit in with any campaign
  • Exciting and unusual new base classes: the Shapeshifter and the Pyro
  • 33 unique prestige classes, including many specifically designed for multi-class characters, and many with a serpentine, barbaric, elemental, knightly, assassin or weapon specialist theme:
    • Black Lord - warrior/arcane caster of necromancy/darkness
    • Serpent Warlock - snake form assuming arcane caster
    • Bear/Eagle/Horse/Panther/Snake/Wolf Clan Warchiefs - barbarian warriors with unique and potent animal totem powers
    • Earth Lord - warrior/arcane caster steeped in the secrets of elemental earth
    • Fire Lord - warrior/arcane caster steeped in the secrets of elemental fire
    • Storm Knight - warrior/arcane caster steeped in the secrets of elemental air and lightning
    • Champion of Light - a holy warrior empowered with light and a deadly foe of darkness
    • Knight Heretic - an evil knight trained in the dark arts
    • Knight Inexorable - the quintessential questing knight with an iron will and a thirst for glory
    • Knight of the Black Glade - a knight of the forest trained in druidic ways and with unique powers of his own
    • Knight of Entropy - a knight enslaved to the chaotic powers of entropy, with a corrupting presence
    • Knight of the Death Angel - a warrior/arcane caster type charged with hunting down and slaying or capturing dangerous targets
    • Knight of the Lion Rampant - a noble paladin belonging to the order of the Lion Rampant, more focused on the art of war
    • Cobra Master - a deadly monk whose fighting style emulates cobras and who has attained mystical cobra-like abilities
    • Python Master - a deadly monk whose fighting style emulates pythons and who can assume python form
    • Silent Adder - a deadly monk/rogue (or ninja/assassin) whose fighting style emulates adders and who is skilled with poison
    • Dread Crusher - a master of wielding great crushing weapons, and even dual-wielding them
    • Master of the Flamberge (Greatsword) - a master of the greatsword
    • Master of the Hand Axe - a master of the hand and throwing axes
    • Master of the Razor Scourge - a master of a deadly steel studded whip known as the razor scourge
    • Faceted Conjuror - an arcane caster who has unlocked hypnotic magical mysteries and forces and may conjure ioun stones and figurines of wondrous power
    • Serpent Druid - a druid with a great affinity for serpents, with enhanced serpent wild shape abilities, more powerful snake companions, and other snake-like abilities no other druid can attain
    • Serpent Temple Warrior - a warrior dedicated to and blessed by the temple of a serpent god, who receives special training and unique equipment
    • Serpentine Necromancer - a dread arcane caster who combines his focused knowledge of necromancy and serpentkind in powerful and fearsome ways
    • Snake Cult Leader - a clerical leader of the serpent cult, whose dedication grants her the ability to transform her body in serpentine ways and who has knowledge of secret serpentine ways and magic
    • Temple Assassin - a cleric/rogue who leads a secret life as a spy and assassin for his temple, doing what must be done to stop enemies of the faith
    • Viper Assassin - an assassin trained to strike like a serpent and who relies on poison and a venomous companion to do his work and,
    • Winter Warlock - an arcane caster with the icy power of cold and a winter wolf familiar
  • Supernatural Signs of Good and Evil, designed to add customizable powers to any character, villain, or monster, and unique flavor to any campaign or adventure.
  • New "Eldritch Path" feats provide a way for spellcasters to "specialize" in a unique path of themed spells, such as the Secrets of the Grimoire, Secrets of the Fiend, Secrets of the Netherdark, Secrets of the Mist, The Secret of Blades, and more!
  • New spells of all kinds, including many designed with a serpentine theme in mind
  • New monsters and monster templates, such as creatures of Entropy, sentient serpents, deadlier variants of classic venomous snakes (black mamba, gaboon viper, krait, rattlesnake, etc.), serpentine undead, trog trolls, viperian dragons, and more!
  • New magic items, weapons and armor, such as the Sorcerous Helm, Razor Scourge, Angelic Breastplate, Cobra Scale Armor, Black Mamba Scale Armor, Hellreaver Battle Axe, and more!

Requires the use of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook, and some content makes use of rules from Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Advanced Player's Guide, Bestiary 3, Ultimate Combat, and Ultimate Magic.

SNEAK PREVIEW: The sneak previews below offer just a small peek at a portion of the new base classes and supernatural signs! Get the full PDF for complete rules for this and other great content!

SNEAK PREVIEW: More info about the new base classes:

  • Shapeshifter base class: Shapeshifters are born or mysteriously gifted or cursed with the innate magical power to change their form, especially into that of a fearsome animal or beast. Many do not discover their abilities until later in life, when a moment of extreme stress or self preservation triggers their instinct to change, assuming the form of an entirely different person or a savage beast of legend. Role: Shapeshifters' shape-changing abilities greatly enhance their combat prowess, allowing them to hold their own and contribute in battle. They do well in the role of a secondary melee fighter, and can provide ranged attack support as new forms with unique and sometimes magical ranged abilities become available. As they gain more powerful forms and form powers, their combat prowess greatly increases and they gain access to new and useful magical abilities. Their varied skills and abilities allow them to be highly versatile, and ensure that no two shapeshifters are alike. Their stealth, disguise and shapechanging ability makes shapeshifters excellent scouts and spies, easily able to access hard to reach places and blend in with the local populace as man or beast.
  • Pryo base class: The pyro is an individual with a talent (and some say perverse penchant) for using fire as a weapon. They are adept at using torches as weapons, typically in their off hand, while using a standard weapon in their main hand. Pyros use their pyrotechnic alchemy skills to enhance their torch attacks. They are often explorers and treasure hunters whose travels lead them into dangerous tombs, dark ruins or underground caves and corridors. As light sources are a necessity to explore such places, pyros have learned to use torches not only to illuminate the way but also as weapons. Evil pyros tend to be arsonists whose depredations terrorize the community. Such heinous criminals are highly wanted men. Role: Like rogues, pyros are highly skilled and versatile and tend to avoid lone hand-to-hand combat. Though they don't possess the rogue's ability to strike vital areas or disarm traps, they excel at using their torches as unexpected and dangerous weapons, often catching unsuspecting foes off-guard. Their scouting abilities and broad set of skills also makes them handy to have around in just about any situation.

SNEAK PREVIEW: More about Supernatural Signs of Good and Evil

Legends tell of rare heroes and villains born with a special destiny, or who have accomplished such great or heinous deeds that they have been noticed by supernatural powers, gods, angels, demons, devils or otherworldly beings, who become their patrons. These individuals are often marked by their patrons in some way, typically by the presence of a birthmark or a sign (though some may be invisible and only revealed in special circumstances), and are gifted with powers above and beyond those of mere mortals. Often they receive a vision or a dream that gives a glimpse of their destiny or patronage, or they may be approached by another individual with the same or similar sign, who offers an explanation. Rarely, they are contacted directly by a supernatural agent of their patron, who cryptically announces their destiny and the meaning of the sign they have acquired. Other individuals who desire the power of these signs frequently invoke the name of the sign while inscribing it in the air, hoping to attract the attention of the sign's patrons and be gifted with power, or at least a temporary boon.

Supernatural signs are essentially templates that can be applied to a creature. It's solely up to the game master to decide if a character, non-player character or monster has earned a particular sign based on their great deeds. The GM should be very careful not to upset the balance of power in their game by awarding too many signs to characters, or by awarding a sign that is too powerful for a low-level character. In general, a character should be lucky to gain even a single sign in their career. Villains and monsters, on the other hand, are a different story, and a sign can turn an average foe into a unusual, flavorful force to be reckoned with. The GM should feel free to add signs to noteworthy, unique villains and monsters, keeping in mind that they must still be careful not to make the villain overly powerful. For example, imagine an evil sorcerer or dragon with the Demonic Sign, who has a legion of dark knights under his command. Only the sorcerer or dragon and possibly a few of his chief knight captains should have signs, not the entire legion or otherwise things can get out of hand quickly. However, the entire legion might have adopted the Demonic Sign for their insignia.

Each supernatural sign template follows a theme and grants several powers in line with that theme. Lesser and greater signs exist, and the powers they grant vary.

Examples of signs include the Sign of the Phoenix, Intrepid Lion, Black Goat, Plague, Demonic, Insanity, Evil, Netherworld, Vile Serpent, Slaughter and more. For example, an evil knight gifted with the Sign of Plague might be a plague carrier, gaining the "Vile Epidemic" ability or the ability to cast Contagion. He might also leave a trail of noxious slime, suffer from necrotic tumors or exhude a horrible stench, just to name a few of the nasty and wickedly fun abilities associated with the Sign of Plague. This flexibility in template powers lets the GM craft unique and suprising foes that players will never forget!  A good character lucky enough to be gifted with a supernatural sign of good (celestial sign) is truly blessed and unique.

Check out the full Grimoire Viperian for access to ALL the wickedly cool stuff!!