Hargroth's Fieldtrip

by Tricky Owlbear Publishing, Inc.

Tricky Owlbear Publishing, Inc.



Hargroth's Fieldtrip

You and a small group of friends have grown up in Woods Edge, a small village located near a grand forest. Each of you have gathered meager skills and had your imagination fueled by the stories of Hargroth, the old dwarven woodcutter and trapper. For many years, Hargroth has spoken of the Crystal Falls, a fantastic crystal formation within a small series of caves located only a few days walk through the forest. Now, at long last, he has agreed to take you there.

It seems like the opportunity of your young lives! Sure, the woods can be dangerous, but you'll be with Hargroth.

What could go wrong?

Hargroth's Fieldtrip, written by Marc Radle, is a short adventure designed for apprentice-level PCs created using the rules presented in Learning Curve: Apprentice-Level Characters from Tricky Owlbear Publishing, Inc.