Heroes Wear Masks, Character Book 1, Guardians and Villains


Brand: Avalon Games

Format: PDF

Heroes Wear Masks, Character Book 1, Guardians and Villains

Need a few villains to beat up in your super hero game. Got a new player and need a character real fast for them to play. Well Avalon is here to save the day. Each issue of the HWM character book series will offer 10 new characters for your super game.

Each character comes with a full stat block detailing all their powers and abilities. Each also comes with a complete background, motivations and several adventure hooks for using them in your game. What you want more? Well each also comes with a full color picture and a figure flat for use when that super battle begins.

While designed for use with Avalon's Heroes Wear Masks system, you can with a bit of work convert these character into any super hero system, so jump into the middle of a super brawl and get these great characters to add to your game.

The first book in the series comes with 10 new characters...

Iron Eagle, a super flying hero.

Cat and Mouse, a super set of heroines these two sisters know how to bring the crime rate down.

Wild Thing, a young girl in touch with her inner animal.

J.J. Jones, the strongest man in the world.

Master Mind, a epic level version of this vile villain brain.

Colonel Khaos, a madman with a mission to bring down a hero.

Photon, the living light.

The Red Rocket, some super suits are just not all that super.

The Marksmen, a man of adventure and danger.

This book also comes with a new origin for HWM, Living Energy.