High Psionics: Power Sources

by Dreamscarred Press

Dreamscarred Press



Tags: d20/OGL fantasy Psionics

High Psionics: Power Sources

Within this tome you will find ten new power sources for your psionic characters. From tapping the power of your dreams to consuming the thoughts of those around you, this supplement will give you the inspiration you want for your latest manifester. Even non-manifesting psionic characters, such as soulknives, can get a benefit out of this supplement due to a few suggestions scattered throughout its pages.

Like High Psionics: Power Displays, this supplement contains no new rules, only new descriptive options, so it is perfect for those of you with a particular emphasis on the role-playing aspect of the game. Combined with High Psionics: Power Displays, you will have all of the inspiration and suggestions you want for that unique and satisfying character.

Enjoy your psionic character with this new psionic supplement from Dreamscarred Press, the definitive source of new psionic material.