Kemonomimi - Moe Races

by Amora Game

Amora Game



Tags: Anime Fantasy Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition Races

Kemonomimi - Moe Races

Kemonomimi - Moe Races

Kemonomimi are humanoid characters that were born from the influence of animal yokai spirits mingling with generations of bloodlines of the families they watched over. After a few centuries these families no longer exhibited their original nature, creating new subspecies of humanoids, known as the Kemonomimi.

There are 7 species that are known to exist: red panda, raccoon, dog, cat, fox, hare, and the tanuki.

This product is a 12 page PDF containing 1 cover page, 1 credit, OGL, 9 pages of content.
Designers: Wojciech Gruchala, Greg LaRose
Artist: Sasha Turk,Gary Dupuis