Kingdoms of Swords & Stars: Dunkargans & Karnuans (Sovereign Stone)

by Timeout Diversions

Timeout Diversions



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Kingdoms of Swords & Stars: Dunkargans & Karnuans (Sovereign Stone)

Western Loerem was once a mighty empire, but following the Fall of Old Vinnengael, it was fractured into two halves: Dunkarga, Kingdom of the Stars, and Karnu, Kingdom of the Swords.

The Guilds of Dunkarga vie with the throne for power in an ancient kingdom whose grandeur has faded, while the militant Karnuans slowly strike outward from their kingdom, claiming both land in Vinnengael and the isle of Mount Sa'Gra, the sacred island of the orks.

In this sourcebook for Sovereign Stone, Pathfinder Edition are details tracing the history of both kingdoms, information about the Guilds and the Armies, along with new feats, new spells, new prestige classes, new creatures, and plenty of material to flesh out the lands and people of Dunkarga and Karnu.