Legendary Kineticists

by Legendary Games

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Legendary Kineticists

Legendary Kineticists

Your Mind is the Ultimate Weapon!

Go beyond mind over matter with this encyclopedic accessory for kineticist characters! Legendary Kineticists brings you nearly 150 brand-new kineticist blasts, defenses, infusions, and wild talents for existing elements from earth to water to wood. Play an awakened bloodrager or surge fist unchained monk, an evoker minstrel or a war kineticist, and unleash powers from wrathful infusion to cantikinesis and twisted metal to gravitic sculptor!

Better still, you can explore an entirely new type of kineticist for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, the neurokineticist, wielding and weaving psychic energies like a surgeon to demonstrate your mental mastery. We also bring you 7 new archetypes, both for kineticists themselves and for other classes wishing to dabble in the kinetic arts, plus new feats, magic items, and masterpieces of sight, sound, and psyche, and a fully developed 12th-level sample neurokineticist, complete with combat tactics and a compelling history and personality, to show how these powers play at the table in a ready-to-use character you can drop right into an existing game or even build an entire campaign around.

Grab this 46-page psychic supplement today for your Pathfinder campaign and Make Your Game Legendary!