Little Spaces: Gruesome Graves


Moebius Adventures

Format: PDF

Little Spaces: Gruesome Graves

Little Spaces: Gruesome Graves offers a collection of four tables to offer inspiration to describe events in the next graveyard your PCs come across. You can get hints to help you figure out what or who is there for them to find… It starts by determining which sense you use for the description, then deciding what element you're describing and gaining some sensory detail about that element.

For example, if you're describing an ongoing ceremony in an ancient graveyard hidden deep in the forest (Hearing/Ceremony/Marble) you might get...

"Even as you approach the small burial ground in the forest clearing, you can hear voices chanting. A white marble table gleams in the moonlight, stained with fresh wet blood. And a circle of robed individuals are passing a chalice from person to person..."

If that's not enough, you can determine whether the place they're coming to is occupied or not. Perhaps the cultists are not only performing a ceremony but raising the dead and desecrating the ancient graves...

Thousands of possible combinations will inspire an insane number of adventurous encounters and hidden secrets. Your players may wonder if you're secretly an explorer with knowledge of all the places lost to time and experience...

This is the next in a series of short (2- to 4-page), system-neutral supplements from Moebius Adventures designed to encourage more creative descriptions in your games.