Lost Champions: Reaper

by Lost Spheres Publishing

Lost Spheres Publishing



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Lost Champions: Reaper

Become the monster to face the monster?

Welcome to the Lost Champions! In this series, we explore new classes which utilize the critically acclaimed Spheres Systems. Each of these classes work together to blend both systems into a unique experience that allows players to decide between dazzling magic and exciting martial combat! These classes were designed with this in mind, giving access to both magical and combat talents.

The fourth Lost Champion class is the deadly reaper, fanatics focused on the final end of their prey. Risking their very souls for the strength to defeat their sworn enemies each reaper finds a calling to bring a chosen menace down by any means, magical or martial.

In addition, this class comes with new archetypes, new martial traditions, and a new monster archetype revealing the terrible power of the half-aberration.

We recommend using the Spheres of Power core books with this product.