Lost Lore: Staff of the Waters

by Frog God Games

Frog God Games



Lost Lore: Staff of the Waters

This reddish staff is made of acacia wood, having a few slight bumps or bulges but with a very smooth finish. It is strong and solid and thick enough to ward off blows. One end is slightly narrower, the other is a little wider, blunted, and shod in bronze. Numerous symbols representing water, rivers, frogs, water snakes, and more are engraved around the bronze cap. Once the staff of a powerful magician, it has been passed down in a family for generations and is the source of stories of this ancestor possessing ultimate mastery over water and possessing the ability to cross bodies of water — even oceans according to legend — without getting wet. One does not need to be a wizard or a spellcaster of any type to wield the Staff of the Waters, but it is more likely that such a person would choose it. Anyone could use it as a melee weapon, but it takes more than merely possessing it to be able to unlock its other powers.

The staff has a patron deity who was involved in giving it its power, and this deity can reveal details of the staff’s powers to a worthy bearer as they become available. In the Lost Lands campaign setting this is the Pharonic deity Hapy, God of Rivers, Oceans, Streams, and Seas (see Dunes of Desolation by Frog God Games but any deity whose area of concern includes a vital river system, a major body of water important for the prosperity or survival of a people, or a similar theme would be appropriate). It may be necessary to petition the deity in an elaborate (and perhaps expensive) ritual, or a particular power might be revealed by the deity in a moment of great need. It could also be possible for the wielder to discover the powers by using other methods.