Manual of Impetuous Combat (PFRPG)

by OmegaWar




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Manual of Impetuous Combat (PFRPG)

Manual of Impetuous Combat

In this manual you'll find two new classes, created to enrich your game experience. With this manual you can change the tide of any battle, thanks to the power of the Champion and the ability to adapt to any kind of clash of the Shifter.

The Champion is a variant of the Fighter, unmatched in combat, he uses his abilities to know how to act in the round of opponents and finally overwhelm them with the mastery of the weapon, allowing him to push hard the technique associated with each type of weapon.

The Shifter is the true and most powerful transformist, able to take multiple forms but without stopping there, with his abilities is able to fuse capacities from different transformations and use unique capabilities of his class, which make it the most adaptable in combat and out of it.

Each with more than 10 racial favourite class bonuses. In addiction you'll find several feats specifically created for the two classes, one new armor, one new magic weapon for the Shifter and a variant rule for augmented 5-foot step with size increments.

We'll keep them updated and we'll continue to expand them in the future!