Mazes & Perils: The Holy Knight


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Mazes & Perils: The Holy Knight

Mazes & Perils: The Holy Knight

The Gods have not forsaken you, mortal. They have sent warriors on holy missions to protect you in your hour of need. Holy Knights dedicated to the ideals of their patron deities to lead the charge against the forces of evil!

He’s around the corner, kneeling in prayer before engaging with the enemy. He’s there, on horseback, a beacon of hope and light. He’s there to fight back the darkness and lead you to the light!

The Holy Knight is a blessed warrior of all things good and pure designed exclusively for Mazes & Perils. They are the bane of true evil and their very presence can turn away the undead and keep them at arm’s length.

This class is an exciting new addition to Mazes and Perils. It can be played as PC or NPC, includes some neat new tricks, 6 new spells, and new rules for Squires and Followers.