McKale's Legacy

by Faceless Publishing

Faceless Publishing



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McKale's Legacy

McKale's Legacy

The quiet town of Leafton is being torn apart in a horrific murder spree! People's mutilated bodies are being found in and around the river that borders the small town in a manner not seen since an identical set of killings over fifty years ago ended with the suicide of the only remaining suspect, Earnest McKale. The body count continues to rise and Leafton's citizens can only tremble as they wonder what is happening.

What light can the few citizens who remember the previous murders shed on the case, and what secrets lurk in McKale's abandoned carnival that rots outside of town? Is this a horrific case of copycat killing, or has something monstrous risen from the shadows of the past to continue its bloody work?

With the PCs as the main suspects they must work quickly to discover the truth before more bodies are found.

McKale's Legacy is an introductory adventure for four 1st-level characters using the D20 Modern rules system and includes a description of the town of Leafton and some of its key inhabitants, a new creature, a new material for weapons, and a new magic item.

This product contains a complete colour PDF and a second black and white PDF with fewer images for ease of printing.