Castle Keep DM Screen with Magnetic Initiative Turn Tracker [Pack of 2]

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Castle Keep DM Screen with Magnetic Initiative Turn Tracker [Pack of 2]

Be the envy of your gaming table with this medieval castle wall DM screen with initiative turn trackers.

The dry-erase initiative trackers help both players and DMs easily keep track of turns and instantly know who's next.

  • Use as an accessory and integrate with our Castle Keep Dice Tower
  • Magnetic dry-erase name labels for tracking initiative and turns of both players and monsters.
  • Initiative Tracker can be attached to any of the side of walls for viewing by either Dungeon Master or Players.
  • Two Castle Wall DM screens for attaching maps and rules with the included magnetic labels.
  • Each wall has a slot to hold pencils during the game and can hold 2-3 RPG books after the game
  • Castle walls have battlements designed to scale for 25mm miniatures (1" to 5') can be used as a miniatures battle feature.
  • Made of heavy duty corrugated fiberboard so it is light weight, strong, and provides pleasant rolling sound.
  • Many design revisions since first edition to address customer feedback.
  • Assembles easily and quickly. Side flaps of castle walls fit into slots of dice tower to integrate together.

The magnets can also be used to attach maps and rules to customize your DM screen.

Medium sized miniatures fit well on top of walls behind battlements.

Check out our YouTube video by searching for Castle Keep Dice Tower and DM Screen.

(Miniatures, books, and pencils are shown as props, not included.)

Check out our Castle Keep Dice Tower assembly video (miniatures and dice shown as props, not included.)