Monster Brief: Golems

by Misfit Studios

Misfit Studios



Tags: Fantasy Monsters/Enemies Savage Worlds

Monster Brief: Golems

Create some trouble in your Savage Worlds game by throwing some troublesome creations of wizardry and the like with Monster Brief: Golems. In this product you will find:

  • The crystal golem protect the deep caverns of dark elven territory and similar domains of magic-rich, subterranean civilizations
  • The horde golem is the ultimate treasure guardian -- because it looks like the wealth it protects
  • The siege golem is a slow, ponderous monstrosity designed to blow apart fortified walls with the imposing arsenal mounted upon its back
  • The stone guardian golem is often all that remains walking the empty streets of deserted and forgotten dwarf cities as it carries out its final orders and protects a people that are long gone

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Both a color and print-friendly version of the product are included.