Murder on Montellio



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Murder on Montellio

Murder on Montellio

“From this day forth, you and all on this island will be cursed! Cursed with darkness and death, tragedy and loss!  From this day forth, Montellio Island will know nothing but despair and the dark hand of my father, Rovagug!”

One year ago, a fallen knight’s dying curse inundated the island of Montellio. Since that time, a rogues gallery of depraved villains has come to make the island their home.

Baron Montague’s wife has recently been kidnapped and her only chance for survival is a party brave enough and strong enough to rescue her. Can the party save her in time and forever destroy the evil forces that has overtaken Montellio Island?

This RPG adventure is a mix of old school and new school adventure that benefit BOTH the GM and PLAYERS equally and hopefully in a very fun & entertaining way. 


  • 100+ Page Adventure
  • Total Maps
  • 1 Island Map
  • 1 Monster Hunter Camp Map
  • 1 Mad Dwarf Lighthouse Map
  • 1 Underground Prison Map
  • 2 New Monsters
  • 3 Level Tavern Map
  • 3 Level Warrior Wraith Manorhouse Map
  • 4 Devious Traps
  • GM Option Suggestions
  • Extensive Villain Tactics Suggestions
  • Multiple Adventure Rumors
  • Multiple Dialogue Instances or Choices
  • Optional XP Rewards For Moral PC Decisions
  • Reputation Consequences


  • 17 Pages of TOTAL Player Handouts Available
  • 4 Unique and New MAGIC ITEMS With Handouts
  • 5 ART Player Handouts
  • 1 Magic Item and Treasure Tracker Page
  • 1 Experience Points Tracker Page
  • 1 PUZZLE Handout For The Players to Solve
  • 1 NEW SPELL Handout
  • NPC, Cass Breeds Cadaver Dogs and May Breed One For the PCs