Mythic Mastery - Missing Mythic Magic Volume III

by Necromancers of the Northwest

Necromancers of the Northwest



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Mythic Mastery - Missing Mythic Magic Volume III

Uncover Forgotten Arcane Lore!

Everyone knows that knowledge is power, and that having options is better than not having them. It should come as no surprise, then, that wizards, witches, and other powerful spellcasters are always on the lookout for new and exciting spells to add to their repertoires. While many spells from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook received a facelift and an upgrade in Mythic Adventures, the sourcebook that introduced mythic power to the game of Pathfinder, dozens of spells were left behind. Missing Mythic Magic Volume I, and its successors, aim to give each and every spell from the core rules a full-fledged mythic upgrade, all the way from A to Z, with a special focus on making mythic spells that feel as over-the-top and larger-than-life as possible.

This installment includes 16 mythic spells, from bestow curse to charm animal. With the spells in this book you can inflict powerful and exotic curses, including rendering your victim incapable of speech or turning the entire world against him, and rest easy knowing that these curses are incredibly hard to remove. Or, put your foes through an array of unfortunate options with an extensively enhanced version of binding. Even lowly spells like bleed and bless water are made exciting through mythic power, with the former interfering with the target's ability to stabilize (even mythic characters, who normally do so automatically), and the latter granting the option to transform entire bodies of liquid (albeit relatively small ones) into fonts of holy water.

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The Mythic Mastery series of products builds and expands on the rules for mythic characters introduced in Mythic Adventures. Each Mythic Mastery provides new content and rules for mythic games, with a focus on a single theme or area of play. While some of the content provided in Mythic Mastery products requires the use of mythic characters and a mythic adventure, others, such as those focused on exploring mythic monsters, can be used in games of every sort.