En Garde! More Martial Classes

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En Garde! More Martial Classes

En Garde!

More Martial Classes for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Roleplaying Game

Fencer Alternate Class for a Cavalier:

Gallantry is not dead nor is the time honored art of fencing. Armed with a rapier, the gentleman's weapon, a fencer stands strong against those who would offend him. One by one he calls out the foes of his lords and slays them with panache and skill. Bound to the service of one of the noble orders, he defends its honor.

The fencer retains the challenge and some of the order abilities of the caviler while sacrificing the mount and tactical abilities. In return it gets grit that works with it's challenge, companion weapon styles (parrying dagger, case of rapier, cloak, buckler, and single sword).

Meister Archetype for Fighter:

Eschewing capability with armor, a meister gains more advanced skill in a variety of weapons. They gain a series of tricks based on intimate familiarity with the weapons at their command. They can serve as daring gladiators, weapon instructors, or masters-of-arms. Regardless of their role, none can deny them the title of 'meister' (master).

Also featuring the myrmidon prestige class

10 new dueling weapons

A dozen new sword feats


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