Occult Options 1 - Binder Secrets


Brand: Rogue Genius Games

Format: PDF

Dive even deeper into the shadowy world of Pact Magic with everyman gamer Alexander Augunas! Best known for his work on Radiance House's Pact Magic Unbound series, Occult Options 1 provides players with other a dozen new binder secrets that allow occultists to stay one step ahead of their unbound peers. Within you will fine gems such as:

  • Aspect secrets, a new type of binder secret that allow occultists to swap their constellation aspects for even more powerful abilities
  • New alteration secrets that allow an occultist to enhance their major granted abilities with new and exciting powers.
  • Binder secrets that allow occultists to identify bound spirits and remove pact maladies.
  • And much, much more!

Delve even deeper into the world of pact magic with Occult Options 1, today!

Requires Pact Magic Unbound, Volumes 1 & 2.