Of Stranger Bonds 8 - The Pledged

by Alessandro Passera

Alessandro Passera



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Of Stranger Bonds 8 - The Pledged

Of Stranger Bonds is a a class compendium, for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game rule system, that includes 50 new base character classes.

The eight and final chapter presents only one class, one that is peculiar in the compendium for being a base character class, available to any playable race except the ones presented in the rest of the manual: the Pledged.

The Pledged are those who can forge bonds with the Strangers, receiving power from them and strengthening the Strangers in return. While the Pledged is clearly meant to be a support-type character that bestows bonuses on their allies, they are divided into six archetypes that grant different specializations. Just like the Strangers they can bind to, also Pledged can be sneaky Scouts, impredictable Mirages, dauntless Blockers, relentless Hitters, mystical Enhancers, or powerful Arcane. Moreover, each Pledged gains a set of powers from an Order of their choice. Despite being a single class the Pledged offers, between the choice of Role and Order, quite a few possible combinations.

Furthermore, this installment includes also chapter 9, giving suggestions on the lore of Pledged and Strangers and how to include them in a campaign setting, along with a 10-deities pantheon that is themed to go with the material presented in Of Stranger Bonds.

The chapter includes:

  • The Pledged base character class, accessible to regular player character races, including well-known mechanics as well as brand new ones
  • Six detailed archetypes for the Pledged, offering many possibilities for character creation
  • Additional rules to play a Pledged as a Summoner variant instead
  • Custom-made character sheet for the Pledged
  • Full-color version with original artworks
  • Print-friendly version
  • Extra chapter with lore and new deities

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