Old School Scifi: the Hacker Class (White Star)

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in Quasar Knight Enterprises

Brand: Quasar Knight Enterprises

PDF / 13th Age

Old School Scifi: the Hacker Class (White Star)

Information warfare for White Star and other OSR games!

Ever wanted to play a computer genius who could devastate security and overload enemy weapons with but the click of a button or swipe of a touch screen? Want to misdirect and confuse with an array of holographic images and illusions? Then Old School Scifi: the Hacker Class is for you!

  • A new 10 level class!
  • Learn special techniques known as Exploits to harm and hinder enemy combatants and systems!
  • Sample systems for hacking and network security!
  • Equipment focused around covert operations such as cryptocurrency and encrypted links!
  • Is watermark free!

Enhance your White Star games today with a touch of digital warfare!