Paper Tanks - KV-1

by Lord Zsezse Works

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Paper Tanks - KV-1

Paper Tanks - KV-1 Papercraft Model

Heavy Tank KV-1

Development was started at the end of 1938.

A prototype was produced in August 1939. First saw action in December 1939 at the Mannerheim Line. The vehicle was mass-produced from March 1940 through August 1942, with a total of 2769 manufactured.

Dimensions: 5", 2.5", 2" (L/W/H)

This product includes:

  • A PDF file with the thank and its 4 texture + switchable Red Star and two turrets.
  • An Assembly information PDF.

You need Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 or later. This set includes multi-layered PDFs, you can change the style easily with layers.

You can download the newest version of Adobe Reader here:

Image format: 200 dpi, U.S. Letter, PDF.

Made for 28-30mm scaled sets, but you can use it for smaller sets, too. (Printing percentages to other sizes are in the product.)

Paper Tanks MS-1 / T-18