Path of the Wilds

by Ascension Games, LLC

Ascension Games, LLC



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Path of the Wilds

Ready to get wild?

Blaze a trail with Path of the Wilds, the long-awaited third book for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game by Ascension Games! Inside you’ll find several nature-based options for your favorite base and core classes, along with new base classes, feats, magic items and more!

Path of the Wilds has several features, including:

  • Three new base classes: the spell-slinging elementalist, the spirit-bound invoker, and the protective warden.
  • Dozens of new options archetypes for your favorite classes, such as the elemental savant sorcerer, animist barbarian, and the primal vessel medium.
  • New feats to support all kinds of play styles for masters of the wilds. Use Elemental Strike to alter the damage of your weapon attacks, or Ferocious Assault to tear at foes with claw and steel in tandem. Hunt down impossible prey with the Skilled Tracker feat, and call out their weaknesses with the Spotter’s Call combat feat.
  • Over 60 new spells for practically every magic user. Conjure toxic blooms to poison foes, or create a burst of volcanic might with the eruption spell. Unleash your wild side with the primal fury spell or destroy aberrant threats with natural order.
  • New magic weapons, armor, wondrous items, and more. Soar on wings of air with the stormlord’s raiment and freeze foes solid with the rimeflower bow.

Path of the Wilds is a full-color PDF, 105 pages in length including cover pages, designed and written by Christopher Moore of Ascension Games, LLC.