Path of War: Supplemental Content

by Dreamscarred Press

Dreamscarred Press



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Path of War: Supplemental Content

This installment of the Path of War contains the final content before consolidating all four parts into a single tome of martial combat support!

Included in this 25-page book you will find:

Archetypes for each of the Path of War base classes (the stalker, warder, and warlord), including the soulhunter, the dervish defender, and the steelfist commando!

New feats for characters using maneuvers, such as Discipline Expertise, Martial Power, and Victorious Recovery

Five new prestige classes using maneuvers, including

  • The Battle Templar, a divine combatant who blends maneuvers with holy power
  • The Blade Caster, who learns to use his arcane energy to augment his combat expertise
  • The Dragon Fury, a dual-wielding warrior who dances to the tune of the dragon war god
  • The Mage Hunter, the scourge of arcane casters who blends martial combat with stealth to slay mages
  • And the Umbral Blade, who has a connection to the Plane of Shadow and transforms his very blade into a weapon of darkness

Path of War: Supplemental Content requires the other parts of the Path of War series for use.