Deluxe Harrow Deck (Pathfinder Cards)


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Deluxe Harrow Deck (Pathfinder Cards)

Pathfinder Cards: Deluxe Harrow Deck

Divine your destiny with the Deluxe Harrow Deck, the legendary fortune-telling deck of the Pathfinder RPG world! With this 54-card, full-color set of fortune-telling cards, you’ll learn how to include the Harrow in any Pathfinder RPG game, and enhance play with rule cards detailing spells, fortune-telling methods, and other insights. With vivid art, patterned backing, and a size common to many real-world tarot decks, the Deluxe Harrow Deck straddles the lines between game supplement and storytelling set piece. Master the Harrow and make the future anything you desire!

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