Pathfinder RPG: Spell Effects - Wizard

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Pathfinder RPG: Spell Effects - Wizard

Arcknight’s double-sided plastic printing technique has taken tabletop RPG Spell effects to a new level - full color graphical overlays for spell effects that are specifically tailored to the PFS Wizard, with spell information on one side invisibly hidden in the edge of the artwork. Players no longer need to look up spells for details such as damage codes, saving throws, and ranges and areas.

This 4-page set is printed on highly durable and flexible plastic that cuts easily with scissors and is wet and dry erasable. Placeable effects such as Wall of Fire and Web show the exact location of the effect without covering the map underneath. Large Area effects such as Cone of Cold and Fireball are momentarily held over miniatures to instantly determine which units are affected. Spell effects show the correct grid tiles affected by large spells using jagged edges, and where applicable have additional tracer lines showing how the effect would work when cast from an alternate angle.

Also includes many 1” tokens for buffs, debuffs, and spell reminders. Avoids arguments, and speeds up gameplay! Adds incredible immersion for younger players and those with learning disabilities. Also includes a Rangefinder with many more spell ranges listed and can be used for line of sight. 14 Area Spells, 40+ Tokens, Rangefinder. This product has been an instant and smash success!