Pop Culture Catalog: Vice Dens

by Rogue Genius Games

Rogue Genius Games



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Pop Culture Catalog: Vice Dens

By Alexander Augunas

Breathe a little extra life into your Starfinder campaign with Everyman Gaming’s Pop Culture Catalog series! This high-flavor series specializes in providing both players and GMs with everything they need to feel like they’re playing in a living, breathing world by by providing setting-neutral popular culture grounded in Rogue Genius Games’s Blood Space Campaign Setting that anyone can reference! Each installment of the Pop Culture Catalog tackles a new and exciting topic!

This installment of the Pop Culture Catalog includes: vice dens! Indulge your character’s adult appetites however they fit with this overview of carnal delights. This product includes over a half-dozen businesses and establishments for use in your Starfinder campaign setting, complete with fandom perks and plenty of lore for fans of Rogue Genius Games’ Blood Space Campaign Setting! Also included are complete write-ups on over a dozen drugs, alternate rules for drug creation and addiction, a detailed look at each of the topics presented within the product and examples of what makes each institutionalized or illicit, and much, MUCH more!

The Pop Culture Catalog—Pop Culture in your Pocket!