Quick Generator Mountain and Hill Names

by Ennead Games

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Quick Generator Mountain and Hill Names

Mountain, Hills and other lumpy terrain names/titles

Legends say that long ago, in a land far away, a pun-loving cartographer once described mountains and hills as “peak content” for map-makers. After being pelted with rotten fruit, they accepted that whilst the pun was bad, they had a point.

After that second pun, the speaker was thrown out and further puns based on hills and other types of things of a similar nature were banned. The Cartographers Guild then set out to catalogue in the common tongue the various names that had been given to mountains, hills and so on to ensure no further word-based tomfoolery was hiding away.

This PDF gives you two x d100 tables, which, when combined as per the instructions, can give you 10,000 combinations of names, titles or short two words descriptions for mountains, hill or any other terrain of a similar nature, when expressed in the common language of your world.

Example possible names/descriptions include:

  • The Calm Hill
  • The Narrow Peak
  • The Frozen Drum
  • The Whispering Knoll
  • The Haunted Dune