Razor Culture -An Otherverse America Sourcebook

by Skortched Urf' Studios

Skortched Urf' Studios



Tags: campaign setting d20/OGL Modern sci-fi Space

Razor Culture -An Otherverse America Sourcebook

The almost mythic first generation of Razors predated the formation of the Enclaves. In the old days, back before the Abortion War first went hot, those first Razors stole everything the Enclaves needed to become independent: money, supplies, weapons, data, even power siphoned from metro fusion grids. These old school cyberpunk thieves have become Lifer cultural heroes, because their scams, theft and sabotage helped build the Enclaves.

Their actions are celebrated in hundreds of Lifer movies, novels and Mesh dramas, and if you're reading this sourcebook, you are fortunate enough to claim legit descent from one of these modern Evangelical Robin Hoods. You are a Razor, like your father and grandfather before you, and you know what.... That's all you'll ever be.

The Razors are best described as secularized Termites. Like their ideological cousins they use stealth and guile to wage war on choicer society, but unlike Termites, a Razor will never brag or upload video of one of his crimes. Razors are expert thieves and criminals, and they know that a good scam is worth its weight in gold. Razors tend to be young, angry and poor... in that sense they are like every other teenager grown up in an Enclave.

This fifteen page PDF includes all the background on the Razors for the Otherverse America setting, including new feats, gear and a Starting Occupation to allow players to take up the mantle of the Razors.