Rectory House

by Lord Zsezse Works

Lord Zsezse Works



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Rectory House

Rectory House Papercraft Model

Drink from the holy well and you get new life!

All wanderer may take a rest at the priest's house.

Lord Zsezse Works- Rectory House sample2

This product includes:

  • Well
  • Furniture: Bed, Chair, Desk, Chest
  • Fireplace
  • Removable roof

You need Adobe Acrobat Reader 8 or later. This set includes one multi-layered, two single layered and the assembly information pdf.

Image format: 300 dpi, U.S. Letter, PDF

You can download the newest version of Adobe Reader here:

Base size of this house: 4x3 inches

Lord Zsezse Works- Rectory House sample