Pro RPG Audio: Enviromental Pack


Plate Mail Games

Format: MP3

Pro RPG Audio: Enviromental Pack

This is a pack of 10, 10 minute long audio environments for use with any system and any genre, except for Rainy Modern City of course. They are great to mix with other PMG tracks to fill out your game with sound. Here is the lis of what you get:
  • Desert Night
  • Summer Day Forest
  • Rain Forest
  • Thunderstorm
  • Raining Modern City
  • Open Plains
  • Stormy Sea
  • Raining Forest Day
  • Winter Day
  • Mountain Top

Professional audio for your games is here. Each Plate Mail Game Mp3 is 10 minutes long, 320Kbps, loops seamlessly, and brings greater depth to your stories. You can use your favorite audio player, such as Itunes to play the track. All the tracks can be mixed and matched to fit your campaign. Make playlist of your games locations and your good to go.

Each track has been designed by Wes Otis, a sound designer with over 15 years of experience in post-production and more than 30 in gaming. He takes those years of knowledge to make awesome background environments for your game. Give your game the sound it deserves.


Wes Otis' Sound Design Reel from wes otis on Vimeo.