Runeblades SF

by Rogue Genius Games

Rogue Genius Games



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Runeblades SF

Weapons of Legend

Runeblades are more than just powerful weaponry, they are an iconic part of numerous lost planet and pulp stories and settings. With dire names and powerful abilities, runeblades are often as interesting and crucial to the tales of major events as the heroes carrying them. This book introduces rules for runeblades and their wielders that can bring these potent, often double-edged (in more ways than one) elements of epic adventure to your campaign!

The runeblade system allows you to create more than 400 distinct runeblade builds, ranging from the gate-crashing runeblade Dragonbringer (with its desire to crush fortifications) to the vampiric runeblade Sword Wraith (which demands to taste deep blood each time it is drawn). Each runeblade comes with two sets of thematic powers tied to its name, and a special purpose which gives it the most powerful abilities but also enforces an onus on the wielder. They grow in power along with their wielders, but also make demands of those who dare utilize their power.

The wise and powerful know and fear the power of runeblades... often including their wielders.

Weapons of Adventure