S-Class Characters: The Witch

by Samurai Sheepdog

Samurai Sheepdog



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S-Class Characters: The Witch

"The original Pathfinder RPG summoner class is fine."

I'm glad you think so. In that case, you're going to love the s-class witch, which has been balanced around the same general power level as the original summoner while still remaining fully compatible with a standard adventuring party. In fact, we are retuning every other class to be on par with that one, and the witch is just one such offering.

As this line continues to remain relevant, we'll release more, and eventually collect them into a full book for POD.

==What's Inside==

A full, 20-level s-class that you can bring to the table right beside others like it, including the original s-class, the summoner.

Streamlined class features that make it easier to learn, prepare, and cast spells of different types.

Sample hexes and spells for easy reference.

7 special witch patrons available to all witches.

A list of archetypes that replace the witch's familiar, as well as what benefits they gain as s-class characters.

In addition to the s-class description, this is a full-use document for your character. No need to look at other books unless you need to know greater details, such as additional familiars, bonded items, or alternative arcane powers (we intentionally summarize these so they're usable, but you have a reason to pick those up if you want to use them outside of the context of the s-class character).