Lycan's Bane


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Lycan's Bane

Lycan's Bane

The tensions on the border of the Illurian Empire and the nature worshipping nation of Valin are high, and growing with every cycle of the moons. The lycanthropes of Valin grow stronger as the red moon Alhara begins to rise. An attack is eminent, Illurian commandes are certain of it. Now, the mages of the Empire have created a weapon to rob the Valinites of the steir strength. This weapon, the Lycan's Bane must be couriered to the border, yet Valinite spies are everywhere. Its power prevents it from being transported by the arts of magic, and all military action is being watched. This responsibility now falls on the player characters, to do with as they will. This adventure is designed for four to six characters of 5th to 7th level.

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