Starfarer's Arsenal: Shotguns

by Rogue Genius Games

Rogue Genius Games



Tags: Fantasy Magic Items Sci-Fi Starfinder Treasure

Starfarer's Arsenal: Shotguns


The Starfinder Arsenal is a line of short pdfs offering a single weapon, from item level 1-20. No matter what level your character is, there’s a weapon at just the level they want in the Starfinder Arsenal!

Scatterguns are all well and good, but some characters want something that more closely matches how shotguns classically function. Of course in a science-fantasy game, some shotguns can take down dragons! Starfarer’s Arsenal: Shotguns provides special rules for shotguns including the expanding patterns of shot, sawed-off and choke modifications, and double barreled weapons.

Useful for close encounters of the violent kind.