Starship Kit 6.3 - Ship Systems - Medical & Health Systems


Brand: Ennead Games

Format: PDF

Starship Kit 6.3 - Ship Systems - Medical & Health Systems

Ships need to go, to move through space. Virtually all of them need power as well. Those core parts of almost all space going vessels are covered here.

This is part 6.3 of the Starship Kit and covers the medical and health systems you may find on a ship, although it can be used as a standalone product if required. This part covers the environmental systems on a starship, like atmosphere and heating.

Future parts will include:

  • Captain & Crew
  • Special Features
  • Cargo, both Legal and Illegal
  • Ship Quirks

This generator/kit is designed to provide the starting points for your own inspiration. Actual details about each system, such as its design or how it actually works is up to you.

In this edition you find:

  • Artificial Support
  • Atmosphere Control
  • Beds & Wards
  • Diagnosis
  • Experimental
  • First Aid
  • Morgue
  • Nursery & Maternal
  • Pharmacy
  • Quarantine
  • Sanitation
  • Specialised Equipment
  • Treatment