Stock Art: Ruins

by Abandoned Arts

Abandoned Arts



Stock Art: Ruins

Relying on freelance artists can often break a one-man operation's art budget - or even a small publishing company's. Abandoned Arts' stock art collection offers royalty-free art resources for the developer with a shoestring budget (or the GM interested in spicing up his or her hand-outs!). Each collection offers re-mastered works from royalty-free images within the public domain, and grants a nearly-unlimited license for five full-color images and their greyscale counterparts for use as cover or interior art.

In addition to an extremely affordable price tag, each collection features public-domain artwork hand-picked for compatibility with the fantasy gaming niche, and re-sized and re-touched for quality and sharpness. Every piece is a real and bona fide work of art - not an amateur sketch or digital design. Enjoy!