Stronghold of the Wood Giant Shaman

by Thick Skull Adventures

Thick Skull Adventures



Tags: DCC Dungeon Crawl Classics Old School

Stronghold of the Wood Giant Shaman

These are not your father's giants!

Wood giants animalistic evolutionary ancestors of hill giants have emerged from the forests of the Fulthon Mountains to harry and pillage human villages with impunity. Ferocious and feral, they kidnap the weak to sacrifice in their barbaric rituals. Decades ago, your ancestors stout and brave adventurers of renown eliminated a previous giant threat, and thus people expect such heroism from you.

But not is all at it seems, as a chaotic force lurks behind the scenes. And if survival against a stronghold of ferocious giants wasn't challenging enough, the machinations of facing an insane, immortal demon certainly will be...

Stronghold of the Wood Giant Shaman was lovingly written as homage to a beloved classic RPG adventure module; crafted in a similar tone to some older adventures of yore, but spiced up with a distinct DCC RPG flavor.

Judges will find a trove of goodies inside the adventure including:

  • A pile of new monsters including a full write-up of wood giants (complete with custom Crit Table), the squatch, and the dreaded freshwater catfish troll.
  • An adventure that takes the PCs not only through the wood giant's lair, but into the weird and mysterious Shadow Plane where they will face creatures most unpleasant.
  • Evocative artwork to frighten your players back to their humble zero-level roots come game day.
  • An epic finale so terrifying that bards will sing of it for ages.

Rules: Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game
Written By: Stephen Newton
Front Cover Artwork: Antoni Layos Tira
Graphic Design: Catherine Harkins DiNardo
Illustrations: Catherine MacDougall, Susanne MacDougall, William MacDougall, Reba Pyron
Cartography: Jeffrey Tadlock
Pages: 28