Super Powered Legends: Gold Lion


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Super Powered Legends: Gold Lion

Super Powered Legends: Gold Lion

A King Defends His People

Ade Mujambe Lisimba, King of Ophar, is his people's protector, and the country's greatest treasure, the Gold Lion (PL 10).

His birthright stolen by interlopers, Ade fought to get it back, don the orichalchum armor and weapons, and defeat the Silverback who killed his father.

A powerful voice in world politics, Ade has slowly opened the borders of his kingdom in order to help improve the collective world of technology. He fights against greed, racial and social injustice, and selfish environmental practices. Between him, and his rumored romantic parther, Princess Euadne of Atlantis, there are few more powerful in the mystic world.