Supporting Roles: Swashbuckler

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Brand: Amora Game

Format: PDF

Amora Game Presents: Swashbuckler base class

If you take the monk class, and slip in a little bit of the duelist prestige class, with a dash of rogue. Stir ever so slightly, we think you would come up with our version of the swashbuckler. A class that adds a little poise and panache to your Pathfinder Compatible setting.

The new, more complicated world calls for a new breed of warrior. A man (or lady) who can handle multiple challenges with quick agile movements to defend the honor or code in which they live by. Either in the fancy ballroom of the kings court or parrying blades at the lowest dock side tavern, the swashbuckler is a man (or lady) of his time.

This product includes: 1 bookmarked PDF and the swashbuckler base class.