TB4: The Crucible (5e)

by Frog God Games

Frog God Games



TB4: The Crucible (5e)

Some say dreams of fire
are haunting the night, and that if you dream
of burning, you awaken on fire.

People in the Blight begin to awaken at night burning with an all-too-real fire. Most of them die horribly, spouses or lovers staring in shocked horror at their sudden death throes in the grip of consuming flames. A few of the truly unlucky actually manage to survive — if living in such a state can be called survival. There seems to be no rhyme or reason in the victims of these incinerating dreams, as those among the high and low fall victim to its touch, and the locals each pray that he or she will not be next. Now no one dares to sleep.

The Crucible is a stand-alone adventure set in The Blight for 4–6 7th-level characters.